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There are Spoilers If you didn't saw Chapter 4  ;v;



'H-He died.

Now definitively I'm all alone...'

Your only friend in this hell, this hell that that thing named Monokuma had trapped you with another 16 students... just to entertain himself... with this sick murdering 'game'... had been... murdered... just about a 25 hours ago.

The victim... was Chihiro Fujisaki...

Murder... murder...

...Unknown at the moment...


You paused the thoughts... your vision started to blur with tears, anger and sadness invading every inch in your head.

Chihiro was like your little brother, the only one you trusted, the only one you knew well, the only one who could calm you when you had sudden break downs because of this sick place... and vice-verse. You were the only one who knew his secret.

You two were THAT close.


There is nothing.

--- Flashback ---

Opening the door.

Your breath instantly hitched.

The horrible view of his slump body. Crucified on the middle of the wall, between the exercise machines. Horror planted in his eyes. His blood... his blood everywhere in sight.

[E/c] widened and body began to tremble. Your throat closed, no sound came out aside of whimpers and loud sobs. You fell on your knees, [H/c] strands of hair covering your face. This was a STUPID dream. No. Not a dream... A NIGHTMARE better said. You want to wake up, WAKE UP of this hell.

You heard the door being opened, but didn't even care the why. Now you felt so broken to even gave a simple fuck.

A masculine scream and a 'thud' made you turn your head and lazily look over your shoulder. Behind you was Togami, scanning intently the corpse of your deceased friend... Naegi... on the floor, looking terrified at the sight in front of him and finally...


He was supporting his body on the door frame, his face was pale, red eyes wide and jaw dropped. He looked at your depressed form. When blurry [e/c] interlocked with crimson red... he tensed and frowned.


His expression showed concern at you. Everyone knew how close Chihiro and you were... so maybe he had the idea of how hurt you are feeling right now.

He trotted and kneeled at your side. Then he did something that made your eyes go wide.

He... hugged you[1].Your cheek made contact with his chest, the beating of his heart slowly calming you down... Your sobs now being soft sniffles.

It was strange to receive a hug from a guy like him... He refused to touch a girl without her consent..


His arms made a strong grip around you, don't wanting to let your form go, for anything. The warm of his body made you feel comforted... secure... That was a strange feeling. So long ago that you didn't felt like that...

--- End of Flashback ---


The sound of the intercom snapped you out of the memory. You passed the sleeve of your shirt over your eyes, the tears soaking in the [Color] fabric.

"Oh, so... I was really crying..." You stared at that soaked spot, unconsciously being slowly trapped in the memory daze again but-


'How impatient...!'

You sat up from your bed and yelled a annoyed "Coming!" making your way to the door. You sighed, trying to calm your nerves.

'I suppose my eyes are all puffy and red-ish...'


'meh.'  Opening the door [e/c] interlocked with crimson... again. Ishimaru's face slowly started matching the color of his eyes. That's strange, a fever maybe?

"Eh... Ishimaru?"

He jumped at the mention of his name, but quickly recovered and gave you a soldier salute. You blinked, quite a few times.

"G-Good afternoon! [Last Name]! I apologize for interrupting you in your activities! B-"

You couldn't help but let a little giggle escape your lips. The obsession of being that formal, even with persons he didn't need to... it was utterly cute.  Well, to you at least.

He blinked, a little confused, Did he did something funny? There was a misspell on his talk? It was very strange to see you smile... or giggle... but he didn't protest, It was very pleasant anyways... even If you were laughing at him and not with him, It didn't care If it was just to hear that angelic sound from you.

He grinned as well "[Last Name] you should smile more.  It would bright the mood on everyone..."
"Eh?" Your giggling stopped. Surprised [E/c] irises stared at him, making him get stupidly nervous and maybe a little anxious. His cheeks heated up, but you gave a warm smile. He could feel his own heart-beat incrementing each millisecond.

"Well, thank you Ishimaru..." You giggled again "Oh! I'm sorry! Do you want to come in?" You asked worriedly, sometimes you can get a little too carried away.

His shoulders tensed (again :'D) "N-NO I-I can't! It's utterly inappropriate for a man like me to be alone with a woman like you in the same room!... M-More If it's at this late hour!"[1b]

A soft laugh escaped your throat, what type of reasoning was that exactly? "Well then, tell me what do you need Mr. Appropriate~" You replied teasingly leaning your body casually on the door frame.

He bowed to your surprise "What are you-"

"Uhm! I came to apologize for the invasion of personal-space I did yesterday! My persona couldn't think clearly since you looked very traumatized at the sight of Fujisaki's corp—"


"[Last Name]—?!"

You started sniffling, then sobbing... trying hard not to cry out loud. Oh no... Did he screwed up? What did he do wrong—?!


I just say that Fujisaki's



He needs to be punished for such unforgivable insolence.

"I'm terribly sorry for my big mouth! Please forgive me for that!" He bowed a little lower. Now  his eyes began to water with rage at himself, face began to turn blue and red as well. He only wanted to apologize for maybe have annoyed you back then, but instead ended making you cry because of his airhead—!

"N-No don't worry... For that... For the two things..."

"But It's unforgivable to make you cry [Las—!"

"What? No, Nonsense!" You smiled brightly at him, wiping away some unwanted tears from the corners of your eyes "Do not worry~! I have to get used to the mention of hiiiH-HER name a-anyways..." Nervous laugh erupted from you as that secret almost slipped out. Sighing contently at the attention Ishimaru was giving you, you needed to continue "A-And when you hugged me back there... It felt correct... And a feel that l didn't experimented since a long time ago came up to me... S-So! don't worry about it 'kay~?" You chirped happily (rather nervously) while your cheeks started to heat up, making a gentle pink color appear on your [Skin Color] features. He just stared, the blue on his face disappearing, making the red blush more visible.

His expression was priceless. He was extremely flushed, because of that little... confession-like, and to top, coming from a beautiful girl like you... Before he could pass out on the corridor he strongly stuttered "T-Then I think I should make my way to my dorm If you excuse me!"

"Eh! Ishimaru!"


"Would you mind sharing hugs like that more often though...?"

"O-Of course!..."

-Picture of Kiyotaka passing out here with a loudly 'thud'(?)- (A/N: I know, I ruined the moment :c)


He tensed (again again(?). Whole body kept rigid while steam escaped from his ears, soft [H/c] hair nuzzled in his neck, tickling him, making him shiver slightly. His arms shyly being wrapped around your waist.

Well~ you managed somehow to convince him to stay in your dorm. Rules didn't say anything about sleepovers...

So, why not?

He obviously hesitated, because of how inappropriate it was and with the fact that there was only one bed, of course.
But now... You two were cuddling... CUDDLING... very close to each other... for Ishimaru's liking.

Kiyotaka was red as a tomato though. He never had been this close to a girl before, since he was more concentrated with school and work, he unconsciously ignored being social, and more with the feminine organism.

Your essence was sweetly intoxicating, your hair soft and silky. This was definitively very, very different compared to when he hung out with his bro or another guy. This was a girl, a smart, beautiful one, the air was more tense[2] and... romantic. The sensation was completely different.

Not that he minded anyways.
Battling If I should post this or not... post it anyways

[1] I'm sorry If I dissapointed you XD
[1b] What you thinking about Ishi-Chan... :iconlazyroseplz:...(?)
[2]Pfft. Sexual tension--- I MEAN NOTHING

You: Read 'Huuugs' with Pewdie's voice(?)

/clears throat/


No Hetalia related! :iconnopuedeserplz:
It's because...
I was fangirling over Kiyotaka again... AGAIN hnnng :iconlazypoolplz:
And couldn't help but write something for him XDD
I don't even know If I got his personality right.
But I can see him being someone, you know, dedicated to work and study, with any experience of affection at the opposite gender... That means I picture him being shy around the girl he likes XDU
Note- I read somewhere that he's a little insensible, but you know, he likes you, and who likes to see his Reader-tan crying anyways >:c(?)

Oh and...
I'm one of the persons who loves Chihiro and AI too :iconyeyplz:

English isn't my native language ;___;
And I own nothing but the plot :iconmoesmileplz:

... but I don't know If Ishimaru owns you, or you own Ishimaru :iconsoundslegitplz: whathevs, you own each other gnieh! (?)

Anime => Dangan Ronpa

Oh and... Yeah he trotted... Because the rulz man(?)
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Honestly, I loved this. And I don't usually enjoy reading descriptions but I loved reading yours. XD
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Beautiful! Kiyotaka Ishimaru (Deduction) [V1] Nosebleed Hetalia Switzerland Nosebleed Cinnamon Suwako free avatar Touko Fukawa (Togami Fangirling) [V2]
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Eevee268 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
" It didn't care If it was just to hear that angelic sound from you."

Does Ishimaru not have a gender or something?
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I love this! *fangirl scream*

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SyoChii Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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Thanks xD
ShiiKozakura Featured By Owner May 21, 2014
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Ishimaru's such a cutie~ Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1] and his weird eyebrows are cute//shot

Nat-The-Alley-Cat Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student Writer
Um... about the Chapter, it's actually Chapter 2 that Fujisaki-san dies in (I only remember because I cried because Mondo... and well, playing the game... My friend has it, and lets me play it/borrow it, and she asked me if I wanted to do Chapter 2 Class Trial and I shouted NOOO I'LL DIE. and yeah.) But this is great. Ishimaru would be so awks. :XD:
SyoChii Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
In the anime Chihiro was found in chap 4 ;w; I follow the anime's sequence because of my lack of PSP and emulator... XD
Thank you XD
AllDahLuvlyBad1s Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No, I think you mean episodes for the chapters... In the anime Fujisaki died in episode 4 but it's still in chapter 2, did you notice in ep 4 they had some type of art, and in episode 5 they just started right of the bat, that's because episode 4 and 5 are in the same chapter. I don't know, I probably just confused the crap of you, I'm a really big fanatic about both the anime and the game so....

BUT I just love this fanfic, DON'T even worry about what I said earlier.... This is amazing XD love it!
Mr-Wonderland Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
aaaaaaaaaaa ishi-kun! i wish i fully knew if he liked guys, if he did i would be so happy! :iconfrenchsquealplz:
Your0Average0Baka Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
ask the
Its kinda like how the ultimate cook is pan-sexual.
sign, never get old.
SyoChii Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I don't really know, but some of his quotes are a slightly insinuating(?)
So there is a high possibility of him being attracted to men :iconyaytereziplz:
In my headcanon he has that orientation :iconleeblushplz:
Mr-Wonderland Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014

i know.... and i ship naegishi sooooo
PrincessRomy96 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Student Writer
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Ha ha, I forgot to mention spoilers.
I should go back into my time machine and stop myself.
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ooooh I'm glad xD!! I was super nervous of him being out of character  asdadsa ;w;
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Because of Junko's insanity ;v;(?)
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